iPhone 5 Top Applications – Makes your Smart Phone More Joyful

Smart Phones are incomplete without Applications. These are applications that made our mobile phones even more enjoyable and excitable. iPhone without an application is called boring and apathetic. iPhone 5 has number of applications to use. Some of its top five applications are:

  1. Find my iPhone: This app is on top of list because it can help you find your stolen device without facing any difficulties. But before that it is must to activate or set up “Find my iPhone” on handset.  There is a map found in the app that helps you find location easily. You can recognize the exact location via Blue Dot coming on the Map.

When your phone is found, you can have it back by two ways either by sending message or by playing a sound.  Sending a message will help you contact that person who is having your phone and playing a sound is best option if you think you have misplaced in office or home and helps find it. 

You can delete data available in Phone with Wipe Button. Or by clicking lock button, you can lock the important data available on the phone.

2. Waze- it is a free GPS application that connects drivers to traffic updates. In addition to updates regarding accident spots, traffic places, congestion places it will also instructs driver to reach specific place through step by step directions. It will also tell you short cuts route to reach early.

3. Stay – it will let you discover travel guides of 120 cities worldwide. You can also share your created guide with friends. Doing so, you can even finds out your friends’ guides, their recommendations, reviews and comments.

4. GetTaxi - If you are in hurry to reach office and you need cab then with help of GetTaxi app you can track closest taxi near you and arrange cab easily.  Instead of waiting for long hours it is good to use GetTaxi app.

5. INSTAGRAM – allows you add retro-style effects in your images and shares it with your friends, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ in fraction of seconds.

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